Courtlough Shooting Grounds


We are now accepting Gun Club membership applications for 2021. Our Club membership runs annually from the 1st of January to the 31st of December.

Subscriptions must be renewed promptly at the end of each membership year. Lapsed subscriptions (of 12 months or more) will be subject to a rejoining fee.

Please also note that memberships are a minimum of 12 months and run January to December.

Our Membership options are as follows:

Clay & Rifle Membership

The initial cost for a Clay/Rifle membership is €295.00, with renewals set at €195.00 each January thereafter.

Full Membership (Clay/Rifle/Pistol)

The initial cost for a Full (Clay/Rifle/Pistol) Membership is €495.00 with renewals set at €350.00 each January thereafter.

Joint (2 people) Clay & Rifle Membership

The initial cost for a Joint Clay/Rifle membership is €495.00, with renewals set at €370.00 each January thereafter.

Joint (2 people) Full Membership (Clay/Rifle/Pistol)

The initial cost for a Joint Full (Clay/Rifle/Pistol) membership is €795.00, with renewals set at €650.00 each January thereafter.

Junior/Student Membership (Clay/Rifle Only) (Available up to 18yrs of age, or 21 yrs with valid Student ID)

The cost for a Junior/Student membership (Clay/Rifle Only) is €75.00 p/a, subject to the above age and/or student enrolment conditions, whereafter your membership status and fees will need to be upgraded to one of the memberships set out above.

Junior Membership is available from 14yrs up, but under 16’s must be accompanied at all times by a licenced and insured shooter.

All members must take out and maintain their own Liability Insurance, and provide a copy on request. This fee is NOT included in your membership fees.We currently recommend IFA Countryside who can offer a reduced annual rate of €50 for 12 months for our members.

Key Benefits of Membership:

  • Free Competency Course(s) included which provide the necessary certificate to apply for your Firearms Licence. The courses are held regularly and the type of course(s) provided will be determined by the type of membership taken out.
  • 2 free Induction lessons for all new members (Clay and Rifle Only).
  • Discounted rate on locker rentals for gun storage.
  • Reduced rates on clay targets.
  • Exclusive usage of rifle range and/or pistol range.
  • Reduced rates on competition entry.
  • Reduced rates on private lessons.
  • Reduced rates on insurance with IFA Countryside.
  • All members must complete a provisional period of in-house training (the requirements of which are determined by the type of membership taken out), to ensure the highest level of safety for all range users.

Please Note:

  • Induction lessons and Competency Courses must be booked in advance.
  • Discounted rates on Private lessons are Wednesday to Friday only (€40 plus clays and cartridges)
  • Club guns will only be available for a new member during their induction training. New members must purchase and license their own firearms. Licensing queries should be directed to your local Garda Station.
  • All new (Provisional) members must complete their Induction Lessons (Clay and Rifle only) and any required Competency Course(s) before they can shoot alone for the first time. They must also conduct themselves satisfactorily on at least 6 occasions within a 6 month period, in order to complete their training and become a Qualified Member.
  • Once a Provisional Pistol Member has completed their training period to become a Qualified Member, they must then complete an additional Range Safety Officer (RSO) Course and subsequent training period (including a further 6 visits in the presence of a Recognised RSO) in order to become a Recognised RSO themselves.
  • No Member may shoot alone on our Pistol Range, under any circumstance, unless they have either received this accreditation, or are accompanied by a Recognised RSO.
  • RSO Courses are subject to an additional fee of €75 (taken in two parts, at the beginning and end of certification).
  • A copy of our Range Rules can be viewed here or downloaded here.

Application forms can be found below or are available from the main reception desk at Courtlough. All completed forms must have a copy of the applicant’s current Passport or Driver’s License attached to them.


Please find PDF of membership form below.

Courtlough Membership Form


Renewals Only

Online Renewal Sign-up Use this link to create a new online membership profile

Online Renewal Sign-in Use this link to sign into your online membership profile


For more info please email or alternatively phone on 018413096