Courtlough Shooting Grounds


At Courtlough Shooting Grounds, we offer a wide range of lessons for all levels of skill. Whether you have never held a gun before or want to develop your skills further, we have the knowledge and experience to help you.  All of our staff members hold professional qualifications awarded by the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association (CPSA) and the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Introductory Shooting Lesson @ €85 per lesson

Our Introductory Lessons are ideal for the shooter interested in learning the necessary skills to improve and excel in the sport of Clay Pigeon Shooting.

Upon arrival you will meet your instructor who will perform a gun fit, discuss your shooting requirements and teach you the basic shooting technique while shooting at different targets. This is a 1 hour lesson which includes 50 Clays and Cartridges.

These lessons are available Wednesday to Sunday.

Ladies Shooting @ €80 per lesson

Courtlough Ladies Clay Shooting Lessons are designed to encourage women to take up shooting and assist them with clay and/or game shooting. We specialise in teaching ladies to shoot in a relaxed and friendly environment, within the comfort of our all-weather stands. There is no shortage of interest from women, it’s just that women can find it more difficult to get involved. This is particularly true for the lone woman who has no initial contacts or no-one to go shooting with.

It can be a daunting experience to find your way around what is generally perceived as a man’s world but here at Courtlough, we aim to address this problem by introducing new ladies into the sport of Clay Shooting and offering all the follow up support needed.

By availing of our Ladies Lessons you will not only develop new skills, but also develop new sporting contacts to share in your future shooting activities. Why not join us for a one-to-one lesson to help to improve your style and confidence? Maybe even bring a friend.


Clay Shooting Young Guns @ €45

Courtlough Shooting Grounds has created a shooting lesson to introduce those with little experience and those keen to improve into Clay Shooting as Young Guns, suitable from 14 years of age.

The course is the perfect starting point for a novice into the sport of Clay Shooting, learning the basic skills required to improve and excel in the sport. Be it a young boy or girl, they will not only enjoy their day but learn from it. These hour long shooting lessons run all year round and provides a fantastic introduction, whilst ensuring the rules of firearm safety and etiquette are taught and understood.

Firearms Competency Course @ €75 for non-members

For The Firearms Competency Course look no further than Courtlough Shooting Grounds.The first step in becoming a gun owner is to complete a gun handling competency course. This will provide you with best practice technique for handing a gun safely and professionally. It covers all aspects of the correct use, carriage and storage of firearms.

Tips are also provided on shooting techniques and the cleaning & maintenance of your new firearm.

In order to apply for a firearms licence, it is necessary to complete the Firearms Competency Course and include the certificate with your application for An Garda Síochána.

We run the Firearms Competency Course every second Saturday from 10am, and you can book your place via email or over the phone.

This course is complimentary with new memberships, and is priced at €75.00 for non-members.