Courtlough FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in becoming a member of Courtlough Shooting Grounds, what are the benefits of becoming a member?

  • When you become a member of Courtlough SG you become part of a sociable club, with access to membership-rate lessons, members rates on clays, and access to all of the information on the latest league competitions and events.
  • As long as you have your gun and insurance, you will not need to book in advance to come shooting (Clays only, rifle and pistol ranges must be booked up to 30 mins in advance)
  • Courtlough SG offers something for everyone with Skeet, DTL, ABT, OT, Sporting and Compak layouts; all disciplines are catered for.
  • We have an onsite gun room and shop, with expert advice on hand at all times, and a cafe which is the hub of all shooting conversation.
  • Application forms and further information on our memberships can be found here.

I am only just starting out, what do I need to do?

Novice shooters are encouraged to book in for an experience package to get a feel for the sport and what type of shooting you may be interested in (packages can be viewed and booked here). Once you are ready to proceed, it is a good idea to drop into our gun room to have a chat about membership and the way forward.

What is the minimum age for shooting?

In Ireland you can become insured to shoot legally from 14 years up.

What are the opening times

We open at 9.30am Wednesday – Sunday, shooting commences hourly from 10am on weekends or 11am during the week. Our closing times are seasonal, please check the bottom right corner of our homepage for the current closing times.

Can non-members come and shoot with their own guns?

Guests are welcome to bring their own gun but must have a valid license and shooting insurance (CAI, NARGC, ICTSA). Please note that if you book in for a Shooting experience package, bringing your own gun does not affect the price of our experience packages.

What if I am a member of another club?

Members of other Clay Pigeon Shooting clubs are permitted to use the clay range in Courtlough once they have proof of their shooting insurance and have a licensed firearm. You will be charged non-member rates for clays and are not permitted to bring guests unless they also have their own firearm and shooting insurance. The 100m rifle range and pistol range are for members use only.

Dress Code:

There is no formal dress code for members at Courtlough SG, but we recommend that you wear smart but casual clothing suitable for the weather. Hoodies, camouflage clothing and tracksuit bottoms are not recommended. Sensible footwear is also encouraged; no open toe sandals or flip flops. Prescription glasses and sunglasses can be worn, and safety glasses will be provided.

Is there Wheelchair access available?

We are pleased to confirm that there is wheelchair access available to both our ranges and the clubhouse, including a wheelchair accessible toilet. Some ranges are accessed over gravel paths however, so please do let us know if you have a wheelchair user attending with your group, and our staff will be pleased to offer additional assistance, as well as making any further accommodations necessary to make their visit more comfortable.

Do you have storage facilities?

Yes we have locker storage available for firearms. Our locker facility operates annually, 12 months storage is €195 for non members and €150 for members.

Can I bring my own cartridges?

Yes you can bring your own cartridges, however, we ask that you only use clay load cartridges on the range.

Can I purchase cartridges onsite?

Yes you can purchase cartridges in our store. We are the main dealers for Cheddite cartridges in Ireland and we also stock other leading brands.

Are there refreshments available?

During the week there are snacks and refreshments available in the main shop.
Our clubhouse restaurant is open Saturdays and Sundays.
We also have catered packages available for parties, large groups and corporate events. Email for more information.