Rifle Shooting

Do you have the necessary concentration, rock like steadiness and eagle eyesight to hit the targets?

Find out in our custom built Rifle Range, designed with complete beginners in mind. Rifle shooting is a great test of skill and accuracy for both individuals & groups. The ideal sport for people of any fitness level as it requires only a steady hand, balance & accuracy.

With Targets set up to 50 meters away, you will place your .22 long rifle on your sand bag, load your magazine, take a slow and steady breath before lining up your scope for the perfect shot. Once you’re ready to take aim, all you have to do is fire!

Rifle shooting is a very enjoyable activity with instant results, precision is everything and as proof of your accuracy, everyone gets to take home their target sheet!

All of our Shooting experiences include professional equipment (i.e. firearm), ammunition, hearing & eye protection, score cards and your day insurance.

How do I book?

So you think you’re ready to get out on to the Rifle Range? Here at Courtlough, we have everything you need to get started. We have designed a range of Rifle Experiences that are perfect for absolute beginners just like you.

We know that once you start hitting targets you will be keen to hone your new found skill, so becoming a Member of Courtlough is the next step for you.

Joining the Club is simple, all you need to do is fill out a Membership Form, provide a copy of your current Driver’s License/Passport, pay your membership fee and start your complimentary induction lessons.

From there, you will need to start thinking about purchasing your own rifle, we have a fully stocked gunshop onsite where you can browse and ask questions before you make your decision.