Ladies Firing Squad

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By: Aine Flynn




April 5, 2017

Courtlough Ladies Club in the April issue of Irish Country Magazine

One frosty day in December, the Courtlough Ladies Club (CLC) met Irish Country Magazine’s feature writer Roisin at the grounds to find out more about the CLC and all things clay target shooting.

Roisin had contacted the CLC after seeing the ladies pictures on Instagram & Facebook, and wanted to find out more about this new wave of Clay Slaying, Girls with Guns and Female empowerment. What better way than to have a go!

After an introductory 30 clay session with both Roisin, and photographer Rita, getting a chance to smash some clays, the ladies followed up their shoot in true CLC style with coffee and cake in the Clay Cafe. Together they revelled in their new found appreciation for clay target shooting in front of the fire and discussed all the details about how the club started, stereotypes in the sport, and why other ladies should come along. The ladies provided all the material that Roisin needed to put together a super article – double page spread nonetheless – for the April issue of Irish Country Magazine.

It’s well worth a read so be sure to pick up a copy.

Congratulations ladies, great job!