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By: Aine Flynn


Shooting Grounds


April 3, 2019

The Benelli 828U Sport is a competition gun, built for optimum performance and designed to deliver.
The slick black Sport aesthetic sets it apart from the classic engraving that is normally found on guns in this price range. It is styled for Sport, specifically targeting the competition clay shooter with an athletic and performance focused mindset.
Gun Statistics
Cast: Right Hand
Weight: 8.05 lbs
Barrels: 30”

Round One
It certainly captured my eye and my imagination, I couldn’t wait to take it out for a test shot. Without any adjustment, I (a left handed shooter) unboxed this gun, put it together and headed straight for the Skeet range. Although, the gun came up to my cheek & shoulder comfortably, I could tell that it was off and I adjusted myself to bring my eye in line. The first half of the 25 round of Skeet wasn’t great but once I got a feel for the gun and how it moved, the second half was stronger. From there, I took on some Compak Sporting, shooting a wide range of targets, from quartering, rabbits, loopers, battues, crossers, teal to incomers. The Benelli really showed its ability here, smooth and easy to move, fast but easily controlled with great pointability – the rib is mid rise with an integrated sight channel that draws your eye down to the bead. All of this combined, turned quartering, going away, teal, rabbits and dropping targets into dust. I was really impressed because this gun didn’t even fit me…yet.

Custom Gun Fit
One of the major benefits (that come as standard) of the Benelli 828U Sport is that it comes with the ability to create a custom stock fit using the selection of Drop and Cast shims provided. Finding the fit that is right for you is just a matter of testing and trialling the 40 potential perfect stock fitting combinations. I followed the step by step instructions in the owner’s manual to create my chosen stock fit, based on what my current stock set up is and the combination which matched this. I also adjusted the balance of the gun as I prefer a more evenly distributed weight for my shooting style.

The progressive balancing system (PBS) comes as standard and is placed strategically between the butt pad and the stock. Balancing the Benelli 828U Sport is easy, with the option of 3 additional 12.5 gr weights, you can add and remove weights to achieve your desired balance. I opted to add all 3 weights to the PBS and was happy with the new balance of the gun.


Round Two
I was excited to see how much of a difference the gun fit, cast and balance would make to the gun and wasted no time in getting out for a shot on Courtlough’s sporting layout. It took about 8 shots to adjust and from there, it was smooth sailing. The sight picture was so accurate, pointing and shooting was simply effortless, in fact, the only time I missed was due to error on my part not the gun.

There is a distinct lack of recoil from this gun which highlights how smooth it feels to shoot. The internal steel locking system is paired with a steel receiver giving the Benelli 828U Sport a very strong “core” which definitely absorbs some of the felt recoil, as it is minimal.

I used ½ & ¼ chokes and Cheddite Mach 3 & Smart Strike 8’s for what I was shooting, this was the right choke and shot size combination. The Benelli 828U Sport comes with 5 extended chokes, both the 30” barrels and chokes have a cryogenic treatment which results in consistent patterns and more pellets on targets.


At this price range, to find a gun that comes with the intelligence to allow for custom stock fit, a progressive balancing system and precision patterning as standard is unique. All in all, this gun is a little black beauty, enjoyable to shoot with the potential to perform at the highest levels. It won’t be long before it establishes itself as a leading sporting clays competition gun.