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By: Shaun Flynn


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January 15, 2020

Win a Limited Edition Beretta DT11 Gold

To celebrate 2020 and to get the New Year off to a WINNING start, we are giving you the opportunity to WIN this brand new Limited Edition Beretta DT11 Gold 30″ Trap model. We have number 156 of only 250 DT11 Gold Trap shotguns made and we want to give you the chance to own it for just €100 in our exclusive Beretta DT11 Gold Prize Draw.

This exclusive Prize Draw is limited to 100 tickets which means you have a 1/100 chance at winning this stunning collectors item, worth a whopping €9,500. Entries can be purchased online at and your name will be automatically assigned a number which will be entered into the draw which will take place on Sunday, February 9th at 4pm. The Winning number will be drawn at random using a number generator and the draw will be broadcast live on Facebook.

The Beretta DT11 Gold

Created to celebrate the DT11’s many successes, this new limited edition’s silver receiver is decorated with interesting gold-plated versions of the iconic ‘moustache’ line and logo on the bottom of the receiver. The ball fences are embellished with an engraving of the word ‘gold’, endlessly repeated, forming a texture that reduces the light reflection when shooting.

The DT11 Gold has been made in two versions in relation to two Olympic disciplines: the trap with 250 copies and the skeet with 75 copies, all numbered in order on the bottom of the receiver.

Precision, balance, handling and durability are the features that make the Beretta DT11 the best-performing competition shotgun ever. All the components’ weights have been predetermined during the design phase, so that the centre of gravity is aligned with the first barrel.

This feature ensures optimum distribution of the shot patterns, correct balance and ideal shouldering, eliminating muzzle raise and allowing better execution when taking the second shot.

The Beretta DT11 over-and-under is made with painstaking care. All the couplings between the weapon’s various components, both principal (receiver, barrels, fore-end iron) and secondary (sidelocks, top lever, etc.) always searching for zero-tolerance and mechanical perfection.

The stock is modelled using grade 3 walnut wood and is available with a 35/56 stock drop for the skeet and a 29/39 one for the trap, the latter also available for left-handed people. The recoil pad, as usual in our competition shotguns, is made of 20 mm-thick Microcore® which provides a perfect grip on the shoulder. The oil finish ensures that the wood is more water resistant.The step 1 chequering provides a more refined look and a firm and comfortable grip. Two 20 and 40 gram weights can be fitted inside the stock in order to customise the weapon’s balancing.


The DT11 Gold’s receiver, with its 43 mm width and increased thickness at the sideplates, guarantees greater stability when shouldering. The locking system consists of the replaceable trapezoidal shoulders, which are unmistakable, and the cross bolt that is typical of Beretta DT series over-and-unders. The Nistan surface finish ensures optimum resistance to atmospheric agents and to wear. It creates an elegant contrast with the lines that contour the receiver, which is skilfully mirror-polished. The graphics that distinguish the DT11 stand out in gold.



DT11 Gold’s removable trigger group can be rapidly removed and replaced, when required, between one platform and the other. The trigger is adjustable and can be repositioned by up to 9 mm, thus always allowing the shooter to find the perfect finger position. The steel leaf springs assure crisp trigger pulls and a high percussion speed.

The design of the top lever is suggested by the experience of the best shooters. It improves the grip, reduces the effort and makes it easier for left-handed shooters.

The fore-end iron has a replaceable insert made from a material which has a high surface resistance. This ensures, year after year, the perfect tightness of the fore-end iron to barrel assembly.

Thanks to its unique manufacturing process, Steelium is the barrel production technology which enables Beretta tri-alloy steel to become a true ballistic gem. Deep drilling, cold hammer forging and vacuum stress relieving provide the steel with mechanical characteristics that are ideal when superior ballistic performance has to be achieved.

The Steelium PRO barrels boast an internal tube profile with a very elongated progressive triple cone that reaches as far as 240 mm from the muzzle . The advantages are:

A clear reduced perception of the weapon’s muzzle raise
More dense and compact shot patterns with very high penetration and target hitting performance
Quicker and more accurate second shot
The special internal geometry of the Optima-Bore HP barrel is designed to offer high performance even when using High Performance steel shots. The skeet version is equipped with five interchangeable Beretta Optimachoke HP choke tubes.

DT11 Gold Accessories Kit

The top rib features newly designed barrel bridges that are internally hollow. This improves the barrels’ balance and helps to better dissipate the heat when the tubes overheat.


The DT11 Gold offers numerous accessories, including:

Case made of ABS
B-Fast weights kit (for the stock) – 2 x 20 g weights + 2 x 40 g weights
Set of Interchangeable red front sights
Set of 2 firing pins
Stock disassembly tool
Trigger adjustment screwdriver
Stock and barrel protection insert
Beretta sticker
Beretta logo cloth
Bottle of gun oil
Snap caps
Warranty and user manual


Now that you’ve read all about this Limited Edition masterpiece, it’s time to seize this opportunity to WIN this stunning shotgun.

Enter the 2020 Prize Draw via this link

All participants will be allocated a number which will be added to the Prize Draw on February 9th at 4pm. Winner will be chosen at random using a number generator.