Courtlough Winter League Final Results

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By: Aine Flynn




December 16, 2013

Yesterday saw the final leg of this years Winter League followed by the prize giving.

The final weeks Turkey winner was Gabriel Boardman and all the other Turkey Winner are highlighted in yellow in the attached results. Congratulations to all the winner over the course of the league which are mentioned below. Those are interested in shooting the Leinster League which starts in February are asked to get in touch with with Liam by email 





Overall High Gun: Stephen Daniel

Novice High Gun: Constatine Shumakov

Junior High Gun: Luke Bell

AA 1st: Stephen Porter

AA 2nd: Maurice Curran

A 1st: Francis Knott

A 2nd: Derek McCloskey

A 3rd: Edvard Voitokuvic

B 1st: Adam Augustyn

B 2nd: Gabriel Boardman

B 3rd: Declan Keogh

C 1st: Michael Sheppard

C 2nd: John Gilligan

C 3rd: Rory Hogan 

D 1st: Rob McNally

D 2nd: Eddie Nesbitt

D 3rd: Mat Uzbech

Courtlough Christmas Winter League Week 12 15.12.2013