Make your kids SCREAM this Halloween

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By: Aine Flynn


Outdoor Adventures


September 19, 2017

Halloween Camp 2017

Make your kids SCREAM this Halloween!!!

We are running the most adventure filled and scarily awesome Halloween Camp in Dublin from €25 per child per day or €90 for the week.

Tuesday October 31st | Wednesday Nov 1st | Thursday Nov 2nd | Friday Nov 3rd

So let us tell you more about what’s in store…

Every Day will begin with Zombie Archery practice…it’s important to make sure the kids have their aim on point with the Walking Dead wandering around. Each day has a planned activity (see below) and will finish with  Dropzone – BEWARE – this activity is sure to frighten even the bravest kids out of their comfort zones but fear not as our trusty instructors are always on hand to offer encouragement, support or even to rescue if needed.

Tuesday October 31st – All Hallows Eve

On the spookiest day of the year, we’re going to make the kids feel like real life Ghostbusters in the Splatmaster Paintball graveyard…Take CAUTION and be sure to watch out for the tombstones in the creepy graveyard and some scary surprises lurking around the haunted castle.)

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a few Tricks and Treats…and our Scavenger Hunt is full of both…WARNING!!!! Only those with a sweet tooth can take part.

Wednesday November 1st

With Fright night over…it’s time to make your kids SCREAM with laughter.

From the dizzying heights of our Adventure Tower, each child will get the chance to conquer our Aerial Trekking courses. Each level has a new set of obstacles to overcome and once they get going they won’t want to stop. The Tower is really where the kids get a chance to build their confidence as all of the activities will challenge them to overcome their fears and coax them out of their comfort zones, the best part is seeing their faces beam with pride when they’ve done something that they didn’t think they could do…priceless

*A fear of Heights is very common, our instructors always work with the children to ensure they are comfortable enough to participate but they can opt out if they prefer.

Thursday November 2nd

Kids driving you up the walls? Get them Climbing Walls instead (it’s far safer & definitely more fun) while you take some out to unwind. This activity is great for getting kids to think and plan ahead as they have to map a route to the top from the ground to ensure they can successfully climb our Tower walls before repelling back down & going again. With a selection of indoor and outdoor walls to choose from, this is one activity that will keep them busy and tire them out.

FriYAY November 3rd

Friday isn’t just a big deal here in Outdoor Adventures, its a GIANT deal and what better to way to kickstart the final day of camp than with the GIANT Swing. This is such a fun one to watch but you might want some earplugs because when that Swing goes Whoosh, the screams of laughter are LOUD.

Today will be the day where all of the skills from the Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday camp can be put to good use as there will be Climbing, Abseiling, Aerial Trekking all on the menu of activities as well as an Archery competition to see who can kill the most Zombies.

*This is also the perfect 1 day course as there is something for everyone.

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Outdoor Adventure's Summer Camps 2017

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Written By:

By: Aine Flynn


Outdoor Adventures


August 8, 2017

July in Outdoor Adventures @ Courtlough

August is already upon us and we are taking some time to look back over July which was dedicated to a fun filled, action packed & adventurous Summer Camps.

The Outdoor Adventures Summer Camps ran for each week of July and what a brilliant & busy 4 weeks they were. From 7 year olds up to 16 years of age, there were activities for all age groups to enjoy & challenge themselves on.

What Activities did they do? Here’s the weekly round up

‍Monday was all about the Climbing Walls, getting to grips with the art of route planning and mapping your climb from the ground up. Once they reached their upper limit, they then repel back down for another go.

Tuesday was Aerial Trekking day, with 3 levels to conquer & obstacles to get past, our courses have something for everyone. For those who have a fear of heights, they started on the lowest level & could move up & up again if they wanted to and we were thrilled to see that so many camp mates did.

Wednesday was all about Teambuilding, after a few days of getting to know each other, the camp mates were ready to work together in teams and take on the challenges & games ahead.

Thursday was the choice of the group, they love being the decision makers so we let them decide and the fun followed. As an exciting addition to an already action packed day, all of the groups got to enjoy the thrill of the Giant Swing. The laughter could be heard from miles away, it was a Giant hit with everyone.

Friday or Friyay (as the kids call it) was the Grand Finale and there’s only one activity for it, Splatmaster. This child friendly form of paintballing really takes the “pain” out of paintballing while keeping all of the fun and the groups absolutely loved it.

Each morning was spent practising their Archery skills, this gave each camp mate 5 days to really get to grips with this sport and to improve their aim on the target sheets. After the each days planned activity, the groups finished up their morning with Zip-lining & Dropzone. Note – These two activities are not for the faint hearted, they really test your comfort zone. We were so happy to see the camp mates overcome their fears and challenge themselves daily.

What’s Next?

With July already behind us, we’re looking forward to a busy Autumn season ahead (Halloween is just around the corner & Christmas isn’t far behind it) and we’re already planning for our 2018 season so stay tuned to our and our http://Instagram/outdoor_adventures_csg to keep up with all of our exciting plans. Before we go, we’d like to wish all of our 2017 Summer Camp mates the very best for the new school year ahead and hopefully we’ll see you all again next year.

Note* If you’d like to try any of the activities above, you can book online here

5* Reviews:

Check out some of the great reviews from our 2017 Summer Camps below:

Marcella Broderick 5*

“My two lads took part in the Summer camps this week, and it’s not often they agree on things, but they both agreed that this was the best summer camp they had ever been on!
The instructors were brilliant with the kids, they never put any pressure on them to do any activity that they were nervous of, but they were very encouraging, and even the more cautious of my two was happy to jump off the dropzone by the second day!
Definitely something a bit different from the usual soccer/GAA summer camps, great variety for the kids, and loads of fun!”

Dearbhla Mc Grath 5*

“My son did the summer camp here last week and he absolutely loved it. They did so many brilliant activities. Coaches are great with the kids. He was really disappointed when the week was over.”

Lillian Casey 5*

“We had a group of 8yo kids at a summer camp in the adventure centre last week. They had a ball and as parents we were very impressed with the instructors. A great challenge for kids who like a bit of activity. Kids who were less adventurous were also catered for – absolutely brilliant.”

Laura Donohoe 5*

“We had 3 boys at summer camp last week. They had a super time and each day didn’t want to come home. The staff were really encouraging and brilliant with the kids. What a great way to show the kids how to knock down boundaries and accomplish things that for some can seem an impossible task.”