Test your strength and accuracy with this challenging sport. 

Archery is a great all rounder activity which works well for individuals, parties, team-building & corporate events.

We provide all the professional equipment necessary including arrows, bows and arm protection.

Our experienced instructors will be on hand to give tuition, guidance and supervision, ensuring your safety throughout each event. They’ll have you hitting bulls eyes in no time at all!

Archery is available as an addition to any of our shooting packages for groups of 5+

How do I book?

So you think you’re ready to get out on to the Archery Range? Here at Courtlough, we have everything you need to get started. We have designed a range of Archery Experiences that are perfect for absolute beginners just like you.

We know that once you hit your first bullseye you will be hooked and there’s only one logical next step…Becoming a Member of Courtlough.

Joining the Club is simple, all you need to do is fill out a Membership Form, provide a copy of your current Driver’s License/Passport, pay your membership fee and start your complimentary induction lessons.

From there, you will need to start thinking about purchasing your own bow, we have a fully stocked shop onsite where you can browse and ask questions before you make your decision.