Outdoor Adventure Activities

High Ropes Obstacle Course

This is your chance to tackle an obstacle course with a difference! This high rope experience at our activity centre is packed with crazy elements, including the “Spiders Web”, “Tunnel Vision”, “Rickety Bridge” and “Swinging Platforms” so get clipped on and enjoy! The high ropes course is a really exciting experience and is suitable for both kids & adults. It is suitable as a kids activity for ages 7+ and has to be booked as part of a package.


Climbing Wall

The climbing walls are decked with innovative shapes and are designed to cater for climbers of all levels. We also have 3 inclined slabs for beginner climbers, suitable for kids aged 7+.  For the unpredictable weather conditions we experience, you will be happy to know we boast both indoor and outdoor climbing walls! This is a great experience before progressing to more advanced rock climbing. We have a number of activity packages available which include our climbing walls.



This is the ultimate adventure activity and a must for all adrenaline seekers. This Fan Descender will really test your nerve as you get set to step off a 40ft height into mid-air but safe in the knowledge that your equipment will help guide you back to earth.  Only available as part of an activity package.


This adrenaline pumping adventure activity is a must do! The process is easy – harness up, attach on and step off – let the zip line take you away as you’re ziplining through the air at speed!  This single zip wire is 150 metres long. This is a great fast and furious adrenaline activity and can be enjoyed by both kids & adults. Only available as part of an activity package.

Giant Swing

At over 40ft high and reaching speeds up to 3g’s in force, there is no wonder why this element has been named ‘The Giant Swing’. Once you’re sitting in your harness looking out over the surrounding countryside you’ll feel the excitement build as you wait to be released. This activity is sure to thrill!!! Only available as part of an activity package.


‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ as you prepare yourself for this exciting abseiling experience.  Trust your harness, lean back over the edge and repel your way down this 40ft  abseiling wall. Only available as part of an activity package.


Paintball is the ideal activity for an action packed day out, from Birthday Parties to Stag Parties, this activity is sure to entertain. With four purpose built arenas and games like Capture the flag, Claim the castle & Take the bridge you are guaranteed to have hours of fun.


Archery is a versatile, competitive activity where your strength and accuracy will be tested to the full. Archery is a great all rounder activity which works well for individuals, parties, team building & corporate events.

Team Building Zone

As the old saying goes “There’s no I in team”, and what better way to teach this than with some Team Building at our custom built arena. At Courtlough, our Team Building events will not only help you to improve your ability to work together as a team, they will build team spirit and boost motivation at the same time.